Google Glass gone forever?

So much energy has gone into conversations pertaining to Google Glass.  Some people couldn’t wait to be a part of the “experiment!”  While others opposed the concept siting privacy and safety concerns.  But, yesterday, Google announced that they would be handing over the “Glass” reins to Nest’s Tony Fadell.  So now the question is: Is Google Glass gone forever?

Honestly, I would be surprised if Google just scrapped the whole concept.  They have worked too hard on this project.  However, I do think Google has realized that the concept of Glass far exceeds the practicality and preference of it’s users.

Google was incredibly smart when they started the Explorer Program that, ultimately, had it’s consumers purchase their technology for the sole purpose of beta testing their product.  People paid Google to test their product!  But, in addition to some capital gain (which I am assuming wasn’t all that much), Google did profit from it’s research.  Google was able to see how their product would, not only, work but how it would be perceived and excepted in society.  The Explore Program allowed them to truly understand what consumers want and what they don’t want.

With Google handing Glass over to Fadell, I think they are making it apparent that they are not done with Glass.  Instead, they are listening to the data from their research and they are listening to the feedback and are willing to step back and allow fresh eyes on the project.  I think that Glass is not gone forever… But I do think Google Glass is going to get revamped and hopefully turn into something that addresses those privacy and safety concerns and doesn’t make a person look like a glasshole.